Interesting Medical Facts

Interesting facts about blood
Interesting facts about human blood are not known to many. But this precious liquid ensures the vital activity of our body! An adult's heart pumps about 10,000 liters of blood…

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How to get rid of black dots
Everyone wants to be beautiful and have an attractive appearance, but many factors can prevent this. Today we will talk about black dots that appear on the surface of the…

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Benefits of ordering medication online
The traditional way of purchasing over-the-counter drugs at a pharmacy can hardly be called truly convenient. The necessary medicine may simply not be in the nearest pharmacy, which will entail…


Brings legs together when walking: what causes the symptom?
Acute, piercing pain in the leg, which turns the muscle into a “stone” and sometimes makes it rise to the toe - this is how an unpleasant condition manifests itself,…

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Who and why need to strengthen blood vessels

The role of the vascular system in the human body is enormous. It supplies blood, and therefore oxygen and nutrition, to all tissues and organs. Damage to blood vessels, disruptions in blood flow cause disorders, sometimes fatal.
Who and why need to strengthen blood vessels

Weak vessels – what is it?
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Nerves on edge: how a nervous breakdown manifests itself

All mechanisms have their own tensile strength. The human body is no exception. People, especially strong in spirit, can withstand the onslaught of stress for a long time. But at a certain time, the tension reaches a peak. It becomes unbearable. To relieve stress, the body automatically turns on its defense mechanism. That is what is called a nervous breakdown.

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What are nootropics and how do they work

Nootropics are in high demand these days. Nootropics began to be taken not only as prescribed by a doctor, but also on their own, to improve memory and attention. To what extent is it justified and, most importantly, safe?

What are nootropics?
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Why does my head hurt in the morning?

Sometimes the day is not set in the morning. A headache threatens to completely disrupt the usual schedule. Such discomfort can torment periodically. But some people experience morning pain on a regular basis. Why does my head hurt in the morning? There are many reasons for this discomfort. Usually they are associated with the wrong way of life.

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Head spinning sharply – what is the reason?

A sharp rise or a quick movement of the head can cause a whole storm of unpleasant emotions. There is a feeling that the whole world began to rotate. In order not to lose balance, it becomes necessary to immediately find support. Familiar state? It’s about dizziness. Almost everyone encounters it from time to time. What is the reason for this phenomenon? What are the causes of dizziness in women and men?

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Psychosomatics: how emotions affect health
Surely each of you has heard the expression: "All diseases are from the nerves." And probably most people agree with that. However, as soon as we happen to get sick,…


Since the beginning of the 21st century, science has made a huge breakthrough in all areas of knowledge. Medicine, of course, is also developing rapidly. In this regard, there was…


The benefits and harms of soda
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a substance of natural origin. When used correctly, it does not harm the human body, but brings great benefits. Possessing a number of useful properties,…