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Head spinning sharply – what is the reason?

A sharp rise or a quick movement of the head can cause a whole storm of unpleasant emotions. There is a feeling that the whole world began to rotate. In order not to lose balance, it becomes necessary to immediately find support. Familiar state? It’s about dizziness. Almost everyone encounters it from time to time. What is the reason for this phenomenon? What are the causes of dizziness in women and men?

When the head is spinning
Dizziness is a rather unpleasant condition in which a person who is in a motionless state feels the rotation of surrounding objects around him. This phenomenon resembles a ride on a carousel. In medicine, dizziness is called vertigo.

Most often, dizziness is not dangerous for humans. It occurs in response to harmless factors. After their elimination, the unpleasant sensation completely disappears. But sometimes vertigo can signal serious pathologies that require proper and timely treatment.
Mechanism of development of vertigo
If we consider dizziness from an anatomical point of view, then the causes of this condition are quite simple. The vestibular apparatus, which is responsible for human balance and coordination in space, is located in the inner ear. Vision, muscle reflexes help a person to navigate in the environment. All information received goes to the brain. And it is he who controls the work of the vestibular apparatus.

Vertigo is a symptom of various pathologies
Sometimes the connection between the inner ear and the brain can be broken. A person loses the ability to navigate in space. There is dizziness. To restore the lost connection, the brain immediately launches several reactions at once. Some of them can touch neighboring centers (for example, emetic). This leads to unpleasant accompanying symptoms.

Sudden Dizziness: 5 Simple Causes
Usually, the loss of communication between the brain and the vestibular apparatus is rare and does not last long.

The resulting dizziness is not considered a pathology in the following cases:

Carousel ride. Such entertainment creates a serious burden on the vestibular apparatus. And if he is naturally weak and not trained, then he may well fail. Such dizziness usually occurs in women, since they also have psycho-emotional experiences added to the load.
Stress, experiences. If dizziness arose during a speech in front of a large audience or after a reprimand from the boss, then the cause of vertigo is the production of a large amount of adrenaline. This hormone causes vasospasm. And this leads to a temporary deterioration in blood flow in the brain.
Rise to height. In this case, an unpleasant phenomenon is also considered a physiological norm. When lifting to a height, a person’s eyes cannot quickly focus on distant and near objects. Rapid switching between objects causes dizziness.
Hunger. Similar problems are common to all lovers of strict diets. If a person does not receive enough nutrition, then a deficiency of glucose occurs in his body. The absence of the main “fuel” leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the brain and the appearance of dizziness.
Active exercise. Exercise enthusiasts should remember about moderation. Excessive activity can cause a decrease in pressure. This leads to dizziness and sometimes fainting. At the heart of an unpleasant condition may be unsuccessful sudden movements of the head, as a result of which the blood supply to the brain is disturbed.
An attack of dizziness can occur in response to taking certain medications. Most often, NSAIDs, antidepressants, antibiotics, and cancer drugs become the source of an unpleasant symptom. If the head is “turned” by medicines, then be sure to consult a doctor to replace the drug.

Severe dizziness: 6 pathological causes
The causes of dizziness are not always harmless. Sometimes illnesses become sources of an unpleasant state. In this case, dizziness occurs quite often and can last longer than a few seconds. To cope with this phenomenon, you need to see a doctor. It is possible to reduce the severity of the symptom (and sometimes completely eliminate it) only with the help of the correct treatment of the underlying disease.

When osteochondrosis often hurts or dizzy
So, the causes of dizziness can be in the following pathologies:

Vegetovascular dystonia (VSD). A complex disorder in which a person has many disorders. All these symptoms are associated with malfunctions in the functioning of the autonomic system. One of the most common symptoms of VSD is dizziness. Such attacks are usually caused by sudden movements, rapid changes in posture. The dizziness doesn’t last long. They pass on their own, without any intervention.
Cervical disorders. Various injuries, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias can periodically remind of themselves with sharp bouts of dizziness. Usually they appear after active movements of the neck.

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