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Nerves on edge: how a nervous breakdown manifests itself

All mechanisms have their own tensile strength. The human body is no exception. People, especially strong in spirit, can withstand the onslaught of stress for a long time. But at a certain time, the tension reaches a peak. It becomes unbearable. To relieve stress, the body automatically turns on its defense mechanism. That is what is called a nervous breakdown.

What is this state? What are the causes of a nervous breakdown? And how does an unpleasant phenomenon manifest itself?

What you need to know about pathology
Various psychological problems, chronic fatigue and high irritability are often attributed to the difficulties of everyday life. Meanwhile, troubles at work or in the family can lead to stress.

This condition is a serious burden for any organism. And if you do not deal with stress, then sooner or later a nervous breakdown occurs.

It occurs at the moment when all the own resources of the nervous system are exhausted. No wonder they say: nerves on the edge. The body can no longer cope with stress. A crash occurs.

Nervous breakdowns are characteristic of excitable, emotional, sensitive people. In addition, the risk group includes residents of megacities, workers associated with constant stress, as well as people who find themselves in difficult life situations.
Development mechanism
The main causes of a nervous breakdown lie in the disruption of brain activity, which ensures the adaptation of the patient. Such changes lead to the development of mental and somatic pathologies. Since there is a close connection between humoral (this is the transmission of signals using hormones through the blood, lymph) and nervous mechanisms in the body, any mental disorders cause problems in the functioning of internal organs.

Women are more likely to have a nervous breakdown than men
If a person experiences strong tension, anger, the synthesis of adrenaline increases in his body. There is also an increase in insulin production.

In large quantities, adrenocorticotropic hormone is synthesized by the pituitary gland. The adrenal cortex is activated. The release of catecholamines (active substances that ensure the interaction of cells in the nervous system, for example, dopamine, norepinephrine) increases.

This mechanism often underlies the occurrence of panic attacks.

6 causes of a nervous breakdown
Nervous breakdowns never arise from scratch. They are preceded by prolonged tension, stress, hard feelings, shocks. Most often, according to the statistics of psychiatrists, breakdowns occur against the background of domestic and personal troubles.

Household and family factors
Unhealthy situations cause a person to have some emotional states, against which an incorrect self-esteem is formed. It may be too high or too low. Such an attitude towards oneself gives rise to irritability, anxiety, causes insomnia and obsession with certain moments.

Constant lack of sleep, fatigue, dissatisfaction with oneself gradually accumulate. And when the cup of patience overflows, then even the smallest trifle can provoke a real storm of emotions.

Domestic quarrels in the family
The reasons for such disruptions are often hidden in the following factors:

excessive jealousy of one of the spouses;
divorce, separation;
the leadership of one of the spouses and the suppression of the other;
excessive pampering or severity to the child;
constant quarrels in the family, conflicts;
excessive demands on children and ambitions of parents.
In women, family stress often causes a nervous breakdown. This cause is detected in almost 95% of all cases. In men, it is found only in 35% of cases.
Interpersonal contradictions
In this case, conflicts arise between a person and his environment. It can be family members, colleagues, close relatives, neighbors. Conflicts can occur between children and parents.

Interpersonal conflicts arise when the needs of one person are in sharp conflict with the needs of another.

Working Factors
For some people (overly responsible and attached to work) they play a key role in causing a nervous breakdown. Unpleasant situations at work have a greater impact on the condition of a man.

Breakdowns can be based on:

low wages;
lack (especially over a long period) of career promotion;
heavy atmosphere in the office.
Work can cause a nervous breakdown
Intrapersonal conflicts
This is one of the most common causes of nervous breakdowns in the stronger sex. Conflicts arise between the desires, needs and emotions of a person. Often neurotic disorders are manifested against the background of:

lack of self-realization;
inability to reach certain peaks;
failure to complete assigned tasks.
Death of loved ones
This is the most powerful factor that traumatizes the psyche. However, he alone cannot provoke a nervous breakdown. Most often, the negative accumulates for a long time and breaks out under the influence of the loss of a loved one.

Additional reasons
The basis of a nervous breakdown may be the following violations:

pathology of the thyroid gland, accompanied by improper synthesis

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Why does the lower back hurt?
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