Pasta Amosova
Pasta Amosova is a real panacea for all diseases. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it plays the role of a powerful immunity booster. In medicine, for some reason,…

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Pasta Amosova
Pasta Amosova is a real panacea for all diseases. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it plays the role of a powerful immunity booster. In medicine, for some reason,…

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The benefits of dates

Dates growing on the date palm are high-calorie, healthy and sweet fruits. Many people prefer to eat them dried, as fresh fruits are quite tart in taste.

From one palm tree, you can harvest a high yield for 60 years. There are about 200 varieties of these fruits.

Dates are so nutritious and beneficial to the body that they are often called “berries of life” or “bread of the desert.” The inhabitants of the Ancient East valued these fruits very much, and often depicted them on the facades of temples. Since time immemorial, dates have also been used in medicine to treat certain diseases.

Today, in Saudi Arabia and Israel, date palms are considered a national treasure, and in Oman, it is customary to plant this “tree of life” at the birth of the first child.

Dates can serve as the main food on long hikes without harming the body. However, people with diabetes should not abuse them.

So, your attention is invited to the benefits and harms of dates.

The benefits of dates for the body
Dates contain many amino acids necessary for the human body. As a rule, the fruits are most often eaten dried, although in many countries fresh dates are added to salads, fried, boiled, and also made into delicious drinks and jams.

In terms of its benefits, dates are superior to many vegetables and fruits. An interesting fact is that wine and liqueurs are made from these fruits. Dates are also suitable for honey, sugar and flour. They equally retain their beneficial properties, both fresh and dried.

Dates contain 23 amino acids, including tryptophan. This amino acid is essential for the proper functioning of the brain. Tryptophan is especially needed by people who are prone to mental stress.

The following useful properties of dates deserve special attention:

eliminate heartburn;
protect against cancerous tumors;
support immunity;
reduce the risk of a heart attack;
restore intestinal microflora;
satisfy hunger and give strength;
improve cognitive abilities;
contain in their composition many trace elements, such as iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc.
An interesting fact is that dates do not in any way affect weight gain, as a result of which obese people can safely eat them.

What are the general benefits of dates?
The benefits of dates are so significant that it is possible to list all the advantages of these fruits for a very long time. Here are just a few of them:

there are no harmful bacteria or parasites in dates, because they cannot survive in them;
they are used to remove parasites from the body (dates are especially useful for giardiasis and amoebiasis);
they are recommended for pregnant women because they reduce the risk of miscarriage;
when eating dates, intellectual activity increases by a third;
dates are useful for anemia;
stimulate the activity of the heart;
effective as a prevention of cancer of the stomach and intestines;
help with paralysis of the facial nerve;
protect against tuberculosis;
relieve cough and remove sputum;
improve lung function;
cleanse the gastrointestinal tract;
remove carcinogens from the human body;
relieve fatigue from the eyes and improve vision;
effective in hypertension, improve blood circulation;
help the body recover from antibiotic therapy and antibiotics;
useful for people living in environmentally polluted regions;
fight excess cholesterol.

Dates also have a beneficial effect on the body:

strengthen nails;
increase hemoglobin;
lower blood sugar levels;
effective in diseases of the liver, kidneys and lungs;
improve potency;
cleanse the blood of toxins and heavy metals;
increase work capacity;
lower the pressure;
help with insomnia;
relieve stress;
strengthen hair and give it shine;
make the skin elastic.
As mentioned earlier, dates can be taken on hikes, as they are very nutritious and healthy. It is said that Alexander the Great encouraged his warriors to eat 7 dates each so that they would be stronger and more resilient in military campaigns.

The benefits of dates for women
Dates are especially necessary for future women in labor, as they help strengthen the walls of the uterus. As a result, it will be much easier for expectant mothers to give birth to a child. In addition, they are beneficial after childbirth, as they contribute to the rapid recovery of strength.

Dates are also useful during lactation, when the female body especially needs vitamins and trace elements. They are quite effective during postpartum depression, physical impotence and mood swings.

If women regularly consume dates, they will be able to improve their appearance, since these delicacies slow down the aging process of the body.

The benefits of dates for men
An interesting fact is that the benefits of dates for men have been proven by scientists. Here is what awaits the representatives of the stronger sex if they begin to regularly consume these delicious fruits:

potency will increase.

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