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Signs of early pregnancy

Every girl dreams of giving birth and raising a child. However, at the first conception, many do not know how early pregnancy can be recognized.

Today, for this, medicine uses tests that almost accurately help determine conception. But the first signs of pregnancy begin to appear only after a couple of months.

By the way, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation.

So, before you signs of pregnancy in the early stages.

Signs of early pregnancy
A woman who has never given birth will not be able to find out about her pregnancy, or even simply distinguish it from critical days. This is largely due to the violation of the menstrual cycle, which can occur at normal times.

Therefore, any potential mother needs to independently learn how to determine the timing and signs of early pregnancy. Thanks to this, she will be able to quickly get the necessary recommendations and help from a gynecologist.

Mood change
In the early stages, one of the important signs of pregnancy is the mood of a woman, which can change 10 times a day. These changes are due to hormonal changes.

At this time, the body of the expectant mother begins to rebuild and prepare for bearing the fetus.

Because of this, women may feel forgotten, misunderstood, or simply experience inexplicable irritation. If you notice this behavior in yourself, it should alert you.

Change in taste preferences
Since the female body is preparing to bear a child, it begins to actively accumulate useful substances and vitamins. In this regard, a woman can begin to enjoy those foods that she previously treated with indifference.

A sudden change in your favorite foods can be an important sign of early pregnancy. Many dishes begin to seem bland or undersalted. No wonder pregnant women have such an interest in salty foods.

Delayed menstruation
Violation of menstruation is considered an important sign of pregnancy. A woman stops menstruating not only during the bearing of the fetus, but also for 6-12 months after the birth of the baby.

Menstruation reappears when the body is fully restored. In other words, if you have never had a delay, and then it suddenly happened, this is a serious reason to run to the pharmacy for test strips.

Swelling of the mammary glands
Also an important sign of early pregnancy is swelling of the mammary glands. In general, an increase in breast volume is observed throughout pregnancy.

Initially, the girl may feel discomfort, which soon disappears. It is also worth noting that in the early stages of pregnancy, small growths appear around the nipples, called Montgomery tubercles.

Inside they contain sebaceous fluid, which does not pose any threat to health.

Toxicosis is one of the most important signs of early pregnancy.

As a rule, it begins to appear in the middle stages of pregnancy.

And everything happens as follows: a woman experiences nausea, sudden urge to vomit and slight dizziness.

Dishes that she ate with pleasure just a month ago, now she does not like. All of these symptoms are characteristic of early toxicosis.

However, keep in mind that some women do not suffer from this problem at all.

But mild nausea, especially in the evenings and before bed, can be a serious sign that you are pregnant.

Frequent urination
Girls in late pregnancy suffer from continuous trips to the toilet. Because when the baby grows up, he begins to put pressure on the bladder.

As a result, the woman feels frequent urge to urinate. This is especially evident when it lies in a horizontal position.

Increase in basal body temperature
By measuring the basal temperature, you can confirm or deny pregnancy in the early stages. To do this, during the delay period, a thermometer is placed in the anus for a woman, after which the doctor looks at the measurement results.

It is most effective to measure the temperature immediately after waking up, lying in bed.

If a woman starts charting her basal temperature for a few months, she will notice that the week before her period, instead of falling, her temperature will always stay at 37°.

This may indicate a high probability of pregnancy.

Bloody discharge from the vagina
A week after conception, that is, in the very early stages, women may experience light spotting. Sometimes they can take on a yellowish color.

This is how erosion of the cervix manifests itself. But there may not be any discharge, which is also quite normal.

Illness, malaise
Decreased immunity may be another sign of early pregnancy.

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